Specific Entry:Canada invitations 761 PNP Candidates

Specific Entry:Canada invitations 761 PNP Candidates

This year Canada hosted 19 specific entry attractions just for

PNP candidates.

On Sept. 29, Canada invited her 761 Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residency.

Invited candidates had previously been nominated under the State’s Nominee Program (PNP), a total of 600 automatic points added to the baseline score for the given entry. For this award, the nominee wanted her 742 or higher rating to be invited.

As part of her previous PNP draw, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 521 of her PNP candidates with scores of 732 or higher. The all-new lottery is bigger, but it also has an improved judging cutoff, suggesting there are more high-scoring candidates in the pool below the state’s nominee class.
Variety of ITA files issued

The IRCC has invited more specific permanent resident applicants this year than ever before. In 2020, IRCC issued 107,350 Invitations to Apply (ITA) through specific entry systems. More than 108,000 invitations have been sent out so far this year, and there are still three months until the end of the year.

ITA’s diversity skyrocketed on February 13th when the IRCC invited all Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates to its pool. So far this year IRCC has only hosted CEC and PNP Attracts. Because of this, the minimum rating cutoff is up and down. Whenever there is a PNP draw, the minimum ratings are significantly higher as all PNP contestants have won Level 600 prizes. Invited candidates must not compete with other eligible applicants, so CECs are usually less attractive. However, if the CEC draw is significantly smaller, the IRCC will deduct much less from the high, potentially increasing the rating cutoff.


Canada’s hottest immigration application uses the Net Specific Entry system to process your purpose. There are three applications that use a particular entry.
Canadian Experience Classes, Commonwealth Skilled Worker Program, and Commonwealth Skilled Worker Program. Her PNP candidate in the Specific Submissions pool has already qualified for one of these applications. Then I applied to a state, got nominated, and got a 600x rating. Certain entries rank candidates’ profiles using the Comprehensive Ranking System “CRS”, a point-based system. High scoring candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and can apply for permanent residency.

From there, IRCC personnel will examine the software and make a decision. They may ask for biometrics and must schedule an interview or request additional documentation.

If the device is approved, the IRCC indicates a Perpetual Residency Verification (COPR). Permitted permanent residents can then complete the touchdown course. If you are outside of Canada, we will engage you prior to your arrival to assist you with settling in Canada.


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