Deadly Accommodation scholarships at Federation University

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  1. Deadly Accommodation scholarships at Federation University

The Commonwealth University of Australia offers Deadly Accommodation Scholarships to students interested in taking an undergraduate, honors or postgraduate course in a subject offered at the University.

The amount of aid will range from $2,500 to $3,500, and the number of awards that will be awarded is not specified. Eligible students must be Australian citizens and enrolled in an eligible course at a Federation University. Access is online and there are no nationality restrictions for postgraduate courses.

Brief explanation

  • Organization:Federal university
  • Department:N/A
  • Premium amount:$3,500
  • Awards:N/A
  • Countries covered:Australia
  • Access mode:online
  • Country of Citizenship:Domestic
  • Subject:all subjects
  • Eligible courses:Undergraduate, Honors or Postgraduate Course
  • Eligibility:Students can apply for bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered by federal universities.

The Deadly Relocation/Accommodation Costs Scholarship (ICACS) is a professional development opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who need to travel from local or remote areas to study. Scholarships provide funding for relocation and accommodation costs, which can be significant barriers to access to higher education. By reducing these costs, scholarships will enable more Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders to study at university and develop their skills.


Students will receive $3,500 for the first year after the first census date and $2,500 for each semester thereafter.
The grant can be used up to 8 times.



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